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    Customize your brand with our complete preschool solution service
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    Designing and developing an unique curriculum just for your preschool
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    Team of dedicated individuals who are brilliant in their domains
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    Track record of experience with established International preschools
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    Bring more social awareness with our blog service professionals

Welcome to
The Little Papillons

It is a huge decision and responsibility to become an entrepreneur, even so more if your clientele are the tomorrow’s future (we mean toddlers and preschoolers). In order to begin and set up your very own preschool requires a lot of research, time, effort and commitment. We understand that it becomes tolling at a point and hence we are here to guide you and support you in establishing your virtual baby-your preschool.

The Little Papillons is a one-stop solution for all your pre-school requirements right from setting up the infrastructure, finalizing and getting the perfect uniform design, customizing bags, advising safety measures, sourcing play materials, Montessori equipment, outdoor toys, creating blogs and social media awareness, staff enhancement workshop and the most important part designing and developing an unique curriculum.

Having an unique and International standard curriculum if you are looking to establish a brand that sets you apart. It will help you in developing a goodwill, retaining roll over admissions and getting referrals. Having and delivering a perfect curriculum is as important as branding and marketing. Branding and marketing will give you the exposure, but it is what you actually deliver will help you grow.

First, let us understand that a set of books is different than a curriculum. We can have a set of books with all required activities, writing work etc., but just following the book is not enough for a child’s development and make them ready for the future. The world is progressing at a whirlwind pace and we need to ready the future generation to lead that pace and not just catch up.

As our motto states, our goal is to deliver International curriculum, but keep the Indian essence. Our curriculum makes the children ready for the world but keep the Indian roots making them perfect world citizens.

Please contact us for more details.

Our Services

Complete Preschool Set-up

If you have the passion, we have the solution.Whether it’s your first preschool set up or you are looking to launch your unique brand of preschools, our team of experts are here to help you all the way long.

Curriculum Development & Designing

We are committed to deliver an unique curriculum which has International standards but yet fit the Indian education pattern when the children join formal school into any board.

Staff Enrichment Workshop

Teachers are one of the earliest influencer on a child’s life. A teacher’s voice, body language have a great impact on a child’s mind.

Staff Recruitment

Having great team is a very important aspect in making your preschool successful. We help you achieve that by helping you recruit suitable teaching and admin staff.

Summer Camp & Winter Camp

We have special curriculum developed for summer and / or winter breaks.

Parenting Workshops

Involving parents in their child’s development increases their trust in your preschool and they feel less anxious when leaving their precious ones in your care.

Newsletter & Blogs

Creating regular newsletters, blogs or social media content for your preschool is another way to keep your parents updated and also to create more awareness about your brand.

Special Offers

We value our business partners and are pleased to bring some special offers.

Our Products


Worksheets and activity books

Most of our worksheets are absolutely free, you just need to register yourself with us and print the worksheet you like.


Personalized Baby Photo Calendar

Cherish those important moments forever with our personalized calendar with your pictures. You can select photos of events.


Teacher's Day Gift

Teachers are an important pillar in our society and in the everyday hustle we often forget to give them the credit they deserve.

Good to Know

brain development occurs before the age of 5
1 to 3
year olds are toddlers
3 to 5
year olds are preschoolers